Why Volunteer?

In New Orleans there are countless examples of insurance companies from around the country that have worked in their own best interest and not in the interest of the home owner. Endless stories exist of home owners losing all of their insurance money to contractors who walked off jobs after cashing home owners’ insurance checks. Sadly, these are not rare occurrences since the storm. A recent survey by Louisiana State University, PolicyLink and LouisianaREBUILDS.info estimated that about 9,000 households in New Orleans have been hurt by some type of contractor fraud since 2006.

It has been said that this disaster has brought out the absolute worst that people have to offer and the absolute best that human beings have to offer. People from all around the world are moved to respond to those in need in every way imaginable. Community service with instruction, and reflection, to enrich the learning experience, encourages lifelong civic engagement, and strengthens communities.


Operational expenses based on a six night and seven day trip

Lodging Episcopal Church of the Annunciation

Lodging includes dorm style living, two meals a day, shower and bedding night $300.00
Spending money for snacks and some meals $200.00
Multiple educational, cultural activities $50.00
Airfare depending on time of year $250.00-$550.00
Van and fuel $160.00
Tool Shipping $35.00
Approximate total cost per student before fundraising

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